"Our way to freedom, from totalitarianism to democracy", Comenius 2012-2014

Our project joins the historical experience of seven countries from different areas of Europe: Spain, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Croatia, Lithuania and Estonia. They had all suffered a long period of totalitarianism in the 20thcentury but eventually found their way towards democracy. 

Throughout the two years, the students and teachers from our schools do research on seven different topics: exile, uprisings, repressive methods, famous people, key events, feedbacks in literature and arts and our way to the EU. At the same time they work on the production of various documentaries in which this part of recent history will be presented.

We also regularly visit each other, have workshops at school and go together on educational trips to different places of historical importance.

This blog is a form of a diary for our project and contains compositions of the students who participated in the visits along with the best photos they made during that time. 

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