Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spanish group - Memories from Amberg, Germany


Spanish group was the first one to send us compositions with their memories from Amberg in Germany. Have a nice read :-)


by Eva Martínez

The days I spent in Germany were for me some of the most intense moments of my life, although they gone quickly like a sigh.
I remember when I was preparing my suitcase, with lots of hopes about the experience that I was going to live, but also a little bit afraid because I had never been in a host family before.
When I got off the train in Amberg and I saw the fascinating scenery, with all those little lovely houses with snow on it, I knew that all my dreams about the trip would be fulfilled and, when I met my nice host family, all my little fears disappeared.
I will always keep in my heart all the beautiful moments that I have lived in Germany and all the people that have made it so special, and I hope I will meet Doro and the others again and we will write together some more beautiful chapters in our lives.


My Comenius experience   (Marc Marimon)

We arrived at 8 o'clock at Amberg Train Station and I met my host. Then, we went with his family to a restaurant and knew a little bit about each other.
The next day we went to school. I had to wake up at 5.45 because my host lives far away fromthe city, so we had to catch two buses. At school, I met the other Spanish group members and we attended at Latin, German and Economy lessons. It was in German, so I didn’t understand anything.
After that, we presented our video and went with other students to a Bavarian Restaurant. That afternoon we spent some free time in Amberg and we went to a water park, which I enjoyed so much.

On Saturday, we visited the city of Nuremberg where some members of the Nazi Dictatorship were judged and we had a walk in the city. When we arrived at Amberg, we went to a Bowling Centre and had fun.
The next day, I slept until late because I was tired. When I got up, I had breakfast and we took the bus to go to the German-German Museum. It was a little bit exhausting because we stood two hours on the bus, one and a half in the museum and two hours on the bus again. Anyway, I found it interesting.
In conclusion, I have enjoyed this Comenius program because it has given me the chance of meeting new people, practice English and know new cultures and countries.



The Comenius project has givento me anawesome experience.
I stayed at Charlotte’shouse. I alsometherparents, her little brother and her sister, who wasn’t living there.
The german family was very kind to me and so generous.
I have met new awesome people and I have also seen fantastic persons who I met in the previous rotation. I think that is so funny to talk with people from other countries and even trying to speak their language.
The visit in Amberg was really interesting. We first met the major of the city in thet own halland then we got free time.
From my point of view, the most interesting museum we visited was the Memorium Nuremberg Trials, in Nuremberg.
I spent a lot of time withmy host family, and it was very interesting and funny. I also went to a church that was located in a hill of Amberg with the mother of my host, who couldn’t talk in english, and we did what we could tounderstand us.
Comenius is a perfect way to visit new places and meet new people and I would like to repeat this great experience.


MY DAYS IN GERMANY by Helena Vivancos

Last week I travelled to Germany with another three students and two teachers. There we met people of six another countries.
The first day we wake up and we started the trip to a city called Amberg, we have to take two trains, a subway, a bus and two planes to get there but at seven on the afternoon we arrived there and we meet our partners and the families with who we were going to stay for five days. My partner was Andrea and she and her family were very nice.
On Friday we went with our partner to the three firs classes, when we were going to the school I saw that all was snowed and it was so beautiful. After the classes we watch the presentations of the seven countries and then we went to have lunch. In the afternoon we visited the  town hall and the city of Amberg and then we went to a swimming pool, it was amazing.
On Saturday we cough the train and we went to Nuremberg where we visited two museums, one on the morning and one on the afternoon. On the midday we visited the city. On the evening my partner and I joined some other students and we went bowling and to a cafe to have something, I had a lot of fun.  

On Sunday morning My partner’s mother took me to visit the city where they live, they live in a city near Amberg, and on the afternoon we go to another village to visit a museum about the division of Germany.
On Monday we had to go back home so we wake up early we started the trip again.
Those days were really amazing and I am very happy that I have had the opportunity to go to Germany and to meet the people I have met there.



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