Monday, June 23, 2014

Memories of Croatia

Hello everyone,

find the compositions of the Croatian students posted below. 
They write about their trip to Estonia. 
Enjoy the reading and have a look at the photos as well :)

My days in Estonia
On May 29th I went on a trip to Kivioli in Estonia. It was a very long trip. First we went by plane to Frankfurt and then, finally, we went to the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn. There we met driver, who took us to our hosts in Kivioli.
In Kivioli I met my host Marleen. I was in a very kind and happy family. We went to their school and we watched documentaries and hanged out with other students. After that we went to a museum and learnt something about the history of Estonia.
On Saturday we went sightseeing in Tallinn, the capital city, a two-hour driving distance from Kivioli. We were at the museum, and later we took a walk around the city. Though Tallinn is small, it is a very beautiful town, especially the Old Town. It has very beautiful buildings. Later, on our return we stopped in a small restaurant and tried traditional Estonian food. Trip to Kivioli was a bit longer because our tire broke. J In the night all students went to mountain Ash and hanged out.
On Sunday we went to an adventure park. It was very exciting and I will never forget that experience. The rest of the day, we spent hanging with each other and preparing for the return to Croatia.
This trip will remain in my memories as one very beautiful experience, and I will remember Estonia as a very friendly and beautiful country.
Marija Horvat


This essay is about my trip to Estonia and the whole project Comenius. Before taking this trip we had made a movie on the subject Our Way to European union - Croatia. My head-teacher went on this trip with me and my classmate Maria Horvat on Thursday at 1 pm. First we went to Frankfurt in Germany and then, and after four hours of waiting we finally headed for the capital city of Estonia – Tallinn. We landed in Tallinn at midnight and we went to Kivioli. The hosts gave us a warm welcome and took us to their homes. We were separated and stayed with different families.
On the first day we went to their school where all countries met: Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland and, of course, Estonia and presented their documentaries. We went on a picnic on the beach afterwards and did some sightseeing around Kivioli. The next day we went to the capital city, Tallinn, went sightseeing and found out a lot of interesting things from the museum and the Old City. After a party in Tallinn we went to a restaurant only a few kilometres from Kivioli where we went to a beach, we saw the Baltic Sea, and we could even see Finland across the sea. We had some time off on the third day and my host family took me to the Adventure Park where we had a great time. We went for a lunch later and then home.

I saw many different things in Estonia: I saw their culture, the atmosphere of the night life etc. Estonia is one very peaceful country, very flat with only plains around where climate is very cold. I found it very interesting to see a culture and a lifestyle different from mine so I’m looking forward to another trip similar to this one.

Antonio Šimunac

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