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Hungarians about their trip to Estonia

Hi all,
have a look at the compositions of the Hungarian students who went to Estonia for our Comenius meeting. 
Enjoy the reading!

My memories from Estonia

We had to wake up early on the day of our departure. Our plane to Warsaw took off at 9 am. We travelled 2 hours and landed in Warsaw. We had to wait 5 hours and boarded another aircraft to Tallinn. So the journey was tiring a little bit.

When we arrived in Kivioli the host family was waiting for me, and I didn’t know anything about the host parents, their house and where they live. So I just got in the car and waited. At the beginning we only spoke some words, but I was getting better and better during the days. We travelled 5 minutes m to the next village, Maidla, where the family lives. Their house is next to a river, and they have a shop, so every morning I ate fresh bakery products that I liked very much.
On Friday we went to the school, watched the project videos, ate some cakes and had lunch in the canteen. In the afternoon we went to an interactive war museum, we could aim with real guns and keep them in hands. After the museum we went to a seaside to have a picnic, and we took lot of pictures there.
On Saturday we went to Tallinn, and we visited the Occupation Museum. Later we explored the old town with a tourist guide. Then we got 3- hour free time to see other places in the capital city. In the evening we had dinner in Altja near the seaside full of amazing rocks.
 On Sunday we went to an adventure park with my friends and my hostess. We climbed tree, and we slided down a lot of ropes. It was a great fun for us. This evening there was a barbecue at Helen’s, and we could make closer relationships with other Comenius students.

On Monday we went to a local basketball match. We had lunch in a restaurant, and I got lot of souvenirs and chocolate from my host family. We started to the airport at 1 pm. Our aeroplane went to Frankfurt and another one to Budapest.

I got a lot of good experience in Estonia. I got to know a lot of interesting and funny people during this journey. I could practise my English a lot, and it was also very useful. The Estonians are very polite and ambitious people. I like them and their country very much. My host family was really kind, and I felt like a king at their home. I hope we will meet again! Thank you

Dániel Nagynemes

Memories from Estonia

Hi, I’m Gabor from Hungary. I spent five fantastic days in Estonia. I was very excited because it was my first trip by plane. We landed in Tallinn at 6 pm and arrived in Kivioli at 8 pm. I was a little scared because I had no information about my host before, but some Estonian children helped me to find my host family.
My family was very kind, friendly and helpful. Their house was really cosy. We spent the second day watching project videos at the school. After this, we visited a war museum and had a picnic at a beautiful seaside.
On the third day we visited the capital city: Tallinn. It was very nice, I liked the old buildings so much.Int the evening we had dinner together, and we could taste some tradition Estonian dishes.
On the fourth day of our trip we had a free day, and we went to an adventure park with my hosts and some other Comenius students. It was very exciting for us. In the evening we were at a house party with our new friends.
Unfortunately, we had to come home on Monday. I’m glad because I have made a lot of new friends. The Estonian students were very kind and funny. I’d like to say thank you to my host family for the comfort they gave me. I enjoyed all programmes of this trip. I hope I can go back to visit my friends in Estonia.
                                                                                                                      Gábor Sólya

My Comenius Days in Estonia

We left our hometown: Szeged at 5 am on 29th May. We changed plane in Warsaw, and then we departed to Tallinn. We arrived in Kivioli in the evening. I had already known my host sister so it was easy for me to get on well with her and her family. Her whole family could speak English well so we didn’t have any problems with the communication.

 On Friday we went to their school that is really modern, and we watched the participant countries’ project videos. Then we had delicious lunch in the school canteen. In the afternoon we went to the seaside where I had never been before so it was completely new and exciting for me. It looked very beautiful, and we had a picnic there.

On Saturday we went to the capital city: Tallinn by bus. Our hosts came with us, too. Tallinn was very nice, and I loved its old buildings. I learnt new things about their past and present by taking part in a sightseeing tour, and then we had a few hours on our own to do some shopping.

On Saturday our hosts took us back to Tallinn by train (it was very modern) and we saw the view of the capital city from the top of a TV tower. We left for Hungary on Monday, and we arrived back in Hungary on Tuesday morning. Thanks for the opportunity and nice experience in Estonia.

                                                                                                                  Szalma Nikolett

My memories from Estonia

On 29th May 2014 at 5 o'clock we left our hometown: Szeged to begin our adventure in Estonia. We arrived in Kivioli in the evening, but my host and her family were still full of energy, and they welcomed me in a really friendly way.
Next day we visited my host's school which is really modern, and it makes the pupils feel comfortable being there. I liked the game room with XBOX 360's very much.
Afterwards we went to the beach and had a lovely picnic at the seaside. The view was extraordinary, I adored it. We ate traditional Estionan bread with ham and a lot of vegetables. While I was in Estonia, I noticed that they care so much about their healthy lifestlye.
 On Saturday we travelled to the capital city: Tallinn. I loved this city because the atmosphere  was so romantic here. I was surprised because we could meet other Hungarians here. They said that Estonia was so cool, they loved living there. I think I will visit Tallinn again in the near future.
Unfortunately on Monday we had to say goodbye to our host because  our plane took us home to Hungary. We had so much fun in Estonia. My host and I are definitely going to keep in touch with each other.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Réka Somogyi (Hungary)

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