Monday, June 30, 2014

Polish memories from Estonia

today I'm posting Polish students' compositions about their trip to Estonia. 
Read and check what their best memories are.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Estonia. The climate there was not very friendly for me, I didn't suppose that it will be so cold. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun. Our hosts were really friendly for us. We visited a lot of interesting places connected with the topic of our meeting, for example the Museum of Occupation. We spend the whole day sightseeing Tallin, which I really liked. The best thing about the trip was the integration with our hosts and the groups from other countries. On the last day two Estonian sisters organised a sauna party, which is my favourite memory from the visit in Estonia.

Our plane took off from Warsaw at 6 am so in general everybody was half dead. At the airport our friend nearly got caught by the  border guards but luckily she was hiding in the bathroom. She’s half Chinese half Bulgarian, that’s why. We stopped half way, while travelling to Kivioli, for lunch and what really surprised us was the fact, that the drinks are with stevia in Estonia.
I had met my host in Poland and it was sooo great to see her once again.  My host’s sis hosted my school mate Nana so we were staying in the same house.
They have a sauna and a dog. A really big dog. I’m afraid of dogs. But here’s to the  hospitality of my host family. For the whole time dog was tied on the rope (so I was safe). In general my family was so friendly  and helpful. The mum drove us to the beach which is located about 80kms from the house even though she had work on the following day. She was also prepping special meals with no meat nor fish (I’m a vegetarian).
I had awesome time with my host, her sister and her cousin. Picnic at the beach and watching a movie together  on the 1st day, climbing up the hill on the 2nd J, trip to Tallinn and local celebration of Kivioli on the 3rd, SPA and the house party on the 4th.
It’s hard not to fall in love with Estonia after a couple of days like this!

Estonia surprised me. We stayed in a small town Kivioli located 130 km away from the capital city. It’s a unique place. In the evening we had leisure time and we could get to know better the people from the local school, involved in our project. I liked the third day most, when we went on a trip to Tallinn. The capital city of Estonia is really beautiful, we could see a lot of monuments and we visited interesting places. I was also pleasantly surprised with day spent with my host family, they took me to a national park where we had a great picnic. I will remember this trip fondly and I hope that soon I will visit my friends in this beautiful country again.
Krzysiek Ch.

Joining the Comenius project was one of my best choices I have made this year. At first I was a little skeptical because I thought  working on a documental film would consume an immense amount of time. But then a kind of excitement took over. The trip to Estonia, getting to know a different culture and making new friends was my goal. As I was to fly on a plane for the first time in my life, the whole experience seemed even more exciting
 When I arrived at Estonia I was really pleased with the kindness of my host family and Estonian people. Meeting those people lightened up my heart. It didn't take long to see how open-minded and kind-hearted they are.
It was a real pleasure to  be able to spend time with you. Thank you for your hospitality :)
Krzysiek N.

Memories from Estonia
My journey to Estonia was an unforgettable experience. Each of us had a great time while learning about Estonian history and culture. And I have even learned a few Estonian words! The visits in museums and other institutions  opened my mind and broadened my horizons. Moreover, earlier I had thought that being European neighbors makes us similar – then I realized how wrong I was and I realized  how important it is to communicate with people and to understand them. What is more, I look forward to the next trip that awaits me this summer and make new acquaintances.  


My feelings about the Comenius trip to Estonia
After the project school trip to Krakow, my English teacher gave me a proposition to officially sign up for the last, ending meeting in Estonia. I was excited because it was my first school exchange, and it was, like I had thought, a good opportunity to see the world somewhere else, and meet some interesting people, but the truth was even better. Having overcome some problems with landing as well as my concern about the country we were going, it appeared to be fantastic.
Estonia in some kind of way is interesting and beautiful, in some kind of very strange way. My first impressions when we arrived where very sceptic and doubtful, but after a day spent with my host family, all worries went away. I met a whole bunch of people with a fantastic sense of humour, very polite and hospitable. I've seen many interesting places, such as Tallinn and WWII museum, I explored old WWI bunkers and so on. But still, for me, what I will be really missing are the people I’ve met. Comenius, you gave me new memories, thank you for that.

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