Monday, June 30, 2014

Last missing report from Germany

And here is one more report from a German student about his trip to Estonia. 
Enjoy :)

Travel-Diary Estonia 2014

On Thursday I woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning on 5:30 Lukas picked me up and then we departed to Nürnberg. At 6:15 we arrived in Nürnberg. There we had to wait until 9 o'clock. Then we went further to Frankfurt. There we had to wait another two and a half hours. Then we finally started in the direction of Tallinn. Sadly the sky was very cloudy so the sight wasn't that well. After more than two hours of flight we arrived in Tallinn. Unfortunately the bus of the Lithuanian exchange partners broke on the way to the airport so we had to wait approximately 2 hours. Then finally the bus arrived. So we started the final piece of our trip to Kivioli. While we went on these curvy roads we saw a beautiful scenery with big, almost endless fields and dark forests. After another 2 hours we arrived in Kivioli. The welcome was very warm and nice. I immediately felt like home. So we went to the house of my exchange student. It is a very nice wooden house which is located in the forest. So Linda (my exchange student) showed me everything in the house. Right after that we had dinner. It was a typical Estonian meal. After that I went to bed.

On Friday morning my alarm clock woke me up at 7 o'clock because we had to be in the school at 9:30. In the school we first watched the presentations of each group. During the presentations we made a little recreation in which we were offered some cake and coffee. After eating and drinking Linda guided us around the school building. Then we went on with the presentations. After finishing them all we had 1 hour of free time in which we went to the city center. We just arrived in time for the lunch which we ate in the mensa of the school. It consisted of some salad, mashed potato, soup with chicken in it and for dessert some yoghourt. When we finished our meal we went outside to wait for the bus. With which we went to the Vaivara War Museum. There we were guided by a nice woman. She showed us the battlefield and told us about the cruel things which happened there. Then we went on to a tower from which we had a perfect view over the whole scenery. Right next to the tower there were some old bunkers located in the forest. So we visited one of them and walked through it. After we had seen everything we went on to a waterfall. When you looked out of the window as we went there it looked like the end of the world. I was absolutely stunned by this beautiful view. Then we returned to Kivioli. In the evening after dinner we went to the mountain of Kivioli to meet the others. The only problem we had there was the strong, cold wind. We stayed there for 2 hours and then we were picked up by the brother of Linda. After this long day I just wanted to go to bed.

We left to Tallinn at 8 o'clock. Luckily it was day of old Tallinn so there was a big market and everybody was dressed like in the Middle Ages. At 11 o'clock we visited the Museum of occupation. In there we had a guided tour. The guide with a funny French accent told us about the different occupations of Estonia during the last century. He also spoke about torture under Russian occupation. At 13 o'clock we made a tour through old Tallinn. Unfortunately the guide didn't speak loud enough so it was very hard to understand him. But the views we had were magical. After 15:30 we had free time for lunch and shopping. In Tallinn there were many shops in which you could buy souvenirs, so we took the chance and bought some. At 18:00 we had to go back to the bus. On our way back to Kivioli one of tyres of the bus exploded. We stood in the forest about 20 minutes and then the bus driver decided to drive on. After half an hour of driving, we arrived at a small local restaurant. There we had a delicious snack. After that we went on to the beach. The view was absolutely astonishing. After another hour at the beach, we went back to Kivioli.

On Sunday we went to a swamp. It was very beautiful and interesting. On our way to the parking space we saw a real bear. I was very frightened, of course, but the bear didn't see us. Right after that we went on to a restaurant. Later that day in the evening we went to the beach and had a little barbecue. Then we moved on to a friend of Linda.

On Monday we had to get up early, because we met at the hostel. From there we moved on to the airport in Tallinn. We still had two hours to wait. At around 10 pm we arrived in Nürnberg.

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