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Memories from Spain - Lithuania

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                                                               Free Time in Barcelona
                                                                Free Time  in Barcelona
Free Time in Barcelona


Every time when I have a chance to visit another country, I can't wait looking forward to it. I can't just describe that feeling like you're a little child on another  planet, you have to feel it by yourself. And that five days in Spain were marvelous.

Nature of Spain and especially Vilassar de Mar is magnificient. I was in Spain four years ago, so I missed this nature, all that palms, mandarin trees and also mandarins. Now I can't believe that I lived near the sea. It's insane. I still remember a sunny beach, bright sand and warm water although it was the first winter day.
I couldn't use to see palms and other trees with all those lights and Christmas decorations. But I was surprised when I saw Christmas' fairs with those tiny figures, houses that peoples decorate in their home. I have never seen it before. I felt Christmas spirit at that moment.
I'm very happy that I have opportunity to live with Maria and her family. I will remember how sweet and kind they were. They accepted me like I was their family member. My memories about living in this family is wonderful, I just don't have any bad words about them. I liked our dinners, when all family, including me, sit aroud the table and ate traditional Spain dishes. This is irreplaceable moment. They shared everything with me. One thing stacked in my minds, when after dinner, Maria‘s mother brought to all  us sweets from Lithuania and Spain and we enjoyed them. It was so  a close moment.
Every moment in Vilassar de Mar was fantastic, I will remember how all students had a big dinner party in Chinese restaurant, danced and had a good time in a club and how often we were all together.
I wish I had opportunity to come back and met again with all my friends from this project.

Sonata Jasaitytė 


My Comenius days in Spain

On November 29 - December 3, I was in Spain with the Comenius project. Here, in Villasar de Mar, I have been just for a few days, but I really liked it. I lived with a very friendly and caring family, I got to know interesting and cool people, visited many beautiful places, slightly improved my English language skills, and learned a few Spanish words. The time passed really quickly.
Firstly, during the preparation for the trip, everything looked very scary. After the first night I have spent with the family, I still was not brave, but after some time, I really enjoyed it. The parents were very nice and caring, and a girl, her name is Anna, was very friendly, caring and eloquent. She taught me some Spanish words. They were nice to me and I liked them very much.
The first day of the visit  was so nervous because on the first half-day we had a  presentation, but we succeeded to do it very well, so, later I was able to enjoy the visit, and it was really fun, because we have visited many famous places in Barcelona. Throughout the visit, I and other participants of the project climbed to the hill from which we could see all the stunning panoramic views of Barcelona, we visited the Guell park, and we were at the Chinese restaurant. Also we waded in sea, the water was a little chilly, but revived us. We visited the museum, where we learned more about Spain, and we walked in the Ciutadella park, which posed for pictures with a very large mammoth and stunning fountains. Walking in the Old Town I finally realized the dream, I saw the Sagrada Familia church, which I admired a lot. So Spain is a very impressive country where everyone is very friendly.
I really enjoyed the visit to Spain, that I will remember for a long time. And what I liked  the most about it, was that the Spanish students were very friendly and always tried to keep all us  together. This is really good because I had the opportunity to communicate with all participants of the project.

            Virginija Kudelytė,


My Comenius days in Spain

My days spent in Spain went so quickly. I still remember every moment in Vilassar de Mar. It was a really great experience, I improved my English skills, learned some phrases in Catalan language and got more self-confidence.

Everything started with a fear and thrill but from the first moment of the meeting we all communicated perfectly. I have met a lot of incredibly kind and joyful people from various countries. The activities and excursions were really useful, we have a possibility to see the most famous and fascinating places in Barcelona like the Museum of the History of Catalonia, Park Güell, Ciutadella Park, Sagrada Familia.

The leisure time was absolutely funny and memorable, sometimes we couldn’t stop laughing. It was really nice that all of us were almost always together and we could talk a lot. One of the most fascinating things was going to the beach of Vilassar de Mar. The sea was so blue that we were wading in the sea and it didn’t matter that the weather wasn’t very warm.  Also, we took a lot of cheery photos.
In my opinion, these days in Spain were really successful and I will always remember them.

Monika Balukevičiūtė


My Comenius days in Spain

      I am writing about my beautiful and interesting five days in Spain. It was evening when my English teacher, four classmates and I came to Barcelona’s airport. Then, my classmates and I went with the teachers from Vilassar de Mar to meet with our hosts. I felt a little scared but when I met them, I saw that they are so friendly. All these days, I talked with the  host family about various themes and spent so fascinating time with them. I had a possibility to taste Catalan traditional food, it was really delicious. Also I learnt some about Spain culture, they learnt me some Catalan words, it was funny for me.
    Except the Spanish family where I lived, I had a lot of activities with Comenius partners these days. At school we had interesting and useful presentations that  broadened my knowledge of history, from totalitarianism to democracy in  different countries. They let me know more about this period.
     By the way, I had a chance to see and visit a lot of exciting places like the Ciutadella park, the church of St. Maria del Mar, the park Guell, so famous Sagrada Familia and other. There were really amazing places that I could enjoy. Also I had a possibility to know more about the history of Catalonia in the history museum. All Comenius participants could visit the exposition and listen to stories of a  tour guide.
     Furthermore, I can say that I had wonderful and unforgettable days in Spain. I met with all Comenius participants from different countries and cultures, we had an amazing time which we spent together, it was an awesome and incredibly good feeling to communicate, to know something new about these students, their hobbies and activities. I will always remember these days in Spain.

Evelina Žudytė


My Comenius days in Spain

All time I dreamed about a trip to Spain and when I heard that our school is going to take part in a Comenius project and there will be a possibility to go to Spain I was very excited. After some weeks I knew that I will go to Spain. Days in Spain went very quickly but I had a lot of good impressions from this trip.

Firstly, I think that Spanish people are very friendly. I was very happy when I met with my host family. The members of this family were very sincere, kind and helpful to me. They told me about the traditional life in Spain, the main traditions and important events. The time which I spend with this family was interesting and useful. By the way, I still communicate with a Spanish girl from my host family on the Internet. Also I was impressed with Spanish students’ hospitality and responsibility of us, and the students from other Comenius project’s countries. They explained us about various Spanish things or helped us if we had difficulties.

                   Another nice thing, which I brought from Spain, is the wonderful places, nature. There were a lot of things which looked exotic, for example, palms, warm and sunny weather in December, parrots which fly in the sky and wonderful beach which looked like from a card. Also I was impressed by Barcelona’s panorama from a high hill, a wonderful park Guell and unusual buildings by a Spanish Catalan architect Antony Gaudi.
So I am very happy that I had an opportunity to meet with Spanish culture, history, famous places and lovely people. Thank you for this trip.
Erika Kiecoriūtė, Lithuania


  1. Hey, nice! But your put Monika's essay twice. Evelina's one is missed. :)

  2. Wow - can't believe, that someone I used to know, has own blog - and it's alive :O Wow - nice trips, beautiful country ant great essays

  3. Mandarina's girls, it was amazing to know you!
    I had never done any exchange before, and it was a really nice experience to have you in our country. I loved all the moments we spent together and also explaining and showing to you the things I knew.
    Hope you have good memories, I've to say that I do.
    Thanks for being so kind to us.

    Anna Aymerich, Catalonia