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Memories form Spain - Estonian group


Today new memories! by Estonian group

Free Time in Barcelona

Spain 2012

On the first school day our history teacher told us about the Comenius project. Patently I was interested to take part in this amazing project. So, I did not wait long and started making first preparations to be chosen as a participant. After a while, me, Jana, Marilin and Robin were done with our documentary and were ready to go to Spain.

On the 9th of November we arrived to Barcelona, Hola Barcelona! Com estàs? Our trip from Estonia to Spain was very long and tiring, because we had to come by two airplanes. But when I went outside from the airport and felt this Spanish warm weather, saw the sun and fabulous palm trees, I understood that I am the happiest student in the world.
Then I met my spanish parter, Irene. Now I am absolutely sure that I am the happiest and luckiest student in the world (twice), because Irene was the best host sister ever! Living in Spanish family gave me so much experience, knowledge, emotions and remembrances that I started thinking about staying in Spain forever. I just did not want to go home, to snowy and wintry Estonia.
I really liked that we were able to visit Barcelona every day! Barcelona is fantastic and amazing. After 5 days my camera was absolutely dead. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Cathedral, amazing view from the highest mountain in Barcelon, the beach in Vilassar de Mar and so on and so on. I relly liked everything, Spanish food, people, culture, architecture and nice vibe of course.
Everyone has been very friendly and tried to make these days really special for everyone of us. Thank you very much! I am absolutely sure that in the future, I would like to take part from projects like Comenius, that I will visit Spain one day again and that my english level  is much higher now, because I improved my english skills very much!

Alina Sviridenko


My Comenius Days in Spain – Our Way to Freedom

From the end of November till the beginning of December 2012 I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in an unforgettable youth exchange in Vilassar de Mar and Barcelona, Spain, which has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life so far.
Starting off from Estonia, our group had to take two planes to get to Spain. We flew through Germany and then got to our final destination – Barcelona. The trip itself was well co-ordinated, so we did not have to wait for long hours; we checked out the free cocoa at the airport and shopped instead.
As to actually being in Spain, as I described earlier, it was unbelievably beautiful and breath-taking. The project organisators had done a great job putting together the schedule for students and we were shown the most popular places and sightseeings in Barcelona, including the famous works by A.Gaudi, Park Güell and many other attractions. We had the chance to explore the whole city and its beauty as we were standing on top of one of Barcelona’s mountains. People did not know where to turn their heads – a truly sophisticated view it was.
Fortunately, we did not just enjoy the cities, we also got to know the culture and traditions, history and backgrounds of Spain, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Lithuania, Poland, which was the main idea of the project. We left some more steps on our way to freedom.
                                                                                                                                             Jana Son


Comenius Exchange in Spain – Our Way to Freedom

At the end of November 2012 me and three my classmates were given the chance to participate in Comenius project.  For that we had to make a small video about the deportations in Estonia. Before we knew it, it was time to pack our things and fly to Spain for five whole days.
What made this project special for me, was that we were staying at host families, not in hotels.  For I have had been to Spain before, I knew what to expect : warm and friendly people and beautiful culture. Over the five days I gained many friends, got to see the beautiful Barcelona and I now have a family in Spain, where I’m always welcome.  We had tours in Barcelona almost every day and by that we got to know the history of Spain and Catalan and see the breath-taking view of the beautiful city.
Fortunately we did not only go sightseeing, but we also got to know some history about Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Lithuania, Poland, which was the main idea of this project. The coordinators did a really good job on welcoming all of us, making these days truly memorable. 

Marilin Väljur


My Comenius Days in Spain

My trip to Spain through Comenius started with me hearing from my teacher that there is an option to go to Spain which has always been my dream. So I did everything possible to be on the project, which required only a bit of effort.
   The beginning of the trip was very exciting to me although I didn`t show it.
Once we got on the plane from Germany to Spain and started seeing all the shores, mountains and landscape of Spain it was unbelievable for me. After getting off the plane and meeting our Comenius partners I was a little bit nervous. Getting outside to the warm air and cool looking surroundings took that away immediately. Once we had gotten to know each other more we had to say our good byes for that day/night. Me my partner went to grab a bite to eat along with Jana and her partner. After that we headed to my hosthome, which was beautiful. After saying hi to my hostsister we headed off to play bowling a little drive from the part of town we were in. The second day we met everyone else from the project in their school which was  fun.
         Later that night we went to a chinese restaurant, and by we I mean everybody from the Comenius project that was in Spain. On the third day we were taken to a History museum, after that we went to Barcelona where we hiked on one of the biggest mountains in Barcelona and got to see the most amazing view I´ve ever seen.
     On the fourth day we got to see most of Barcelona along with a little bit of shopping. And on the last day everyone did something with their hostfamily or Comenius partner, me, my partner, Jana and her partner went to see a lot of Barcelona including FC Barcelona football Stadium.
        The morning after that  we had to say our good byes which was very sad and then we were off with our plane to Germany.

      Robin Normak

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